C-ELF viewing game too strong.


How other ELF watches SWING MV



Meanwhile in 1 ELF China……


smart hyukjae helped kyuhyun how to use the photocopier machine

SJM Naver Starcast Update 140202:

Caption 1: There is ‘eating broadcast’ going on in another waiting room. Kyuhyun shouted lunch time~. The menu is chicken XX. He is so happy thinking about ambitiously shooting the eating broadcast. Right at that moment, Kyuhyun found something.

Caption 2: “Zhou Mi, this is ‘Zhou Mi’ seaweed”

Caption 3: Kyuhyun’s eating broadcast is ambitious. First, he cuts and puts the seaweed in. He thoroughly~ mixes the ingredients with the spoon. Can he be this serious. Kyuhyun’s looks in the eyes looking at the meal is quite serious.

Caption 4: “I am going to mix it ambitiously”

Caption 5: “I am going to eat ambitiously”

Caption 6: What kind of skill is this. Kyuhyun, he is just like the hottest entertainment trend. He is checking out the entertainment program even when he is eating. On this day, ‘Witch Hunt’ is chosen. Oh, he said he already finished checking out ‘Radio Star’.

Caption 7: “Since I am done eating, I brush my teeth.”


7 → 100 edits of Cho Kyuhyun

How to exist like a cool oppa - The good and bad examples


my friend just told me that this facebook sticker


is han geng in cactus form


actually screaming



if u see this post on ur dash it means that u should watch swing and then again and again cause we need views pls watch it for me